Bee Sting? OUCH!!

bee sting cake - bienenstich

Hi everyone I thought I'd try something a bit different this time so I haven't made your traditional cake I've made Bienenstich or bee sting cake. I came across a great pastry website called Joe Pastry while looking for a Napoleon  slice or as I know it vanilla slice recipe. Let me take you on … Continue reading Bee Sting? OUCH!!


Plain on the outside, Party in the Middle!

Funfetti Cake

Hi guys, Today's cake is a rehash of the funfetti cake from last year only this time better! Though it was a little light on the sprinkles it was definitely a better result. If your a regular reader you might remember this. While it wasn't a complete failure the cheap sprinkles don't pack a lot … Continue reading Plain on the outside, Party in the Middle!