Trippple Choc!

Hi All,

Just a quick one today just to let you know I’m back into the swing of things. Monthly cakes are back on the menu and I’m hoping to maybe try a few other things through out the year. I have a 70th birthday, a 40th anniversary and a wedding cake booked in already so could be a big one. I was asked the question if I did gluten free and the answer is yes, granted it is not something I do very often but back in my paleo days it was all gluten free. Also it is now so widely acknowledged that people have created lots and lots of different recipes so that GF people don’t miss out.

Because School doesn’t go back till the end of January I made a quick Cinnamon Ripple Cake for the January birthdays. This cake is a always a big hit ! Then a super quick turn around for the February Birthday.

There is only one Birthday Girl in February so with a bit of inside intel I found out she really likes Chocolate, shells and get this her favourite colour is Brown! Not really it’s blue but she didn’t want a blue cake. Well there was only one thing to do! I was making a triple choc drip cake. My original thought for the cake was to do my choc mud cake which uses dark chocolate, cover it in a white chocolate buttercream, then create a drip effect with a milk chocolate ganache. To top it off I’d get a shell mould and make some white chocolate  shells for the top but as time would have it I didn’t get to the shops.

I really wanted to get the ganache right this time for the drip so I ended up putting it in the fridge for a little while to help thicken it up and it worked. It really makes the world of difference when you wait and do it right.


I didn’t have the shells so I just went with a white chocolate drizzle over the top to finish it off  which turned out really nice. I’m now starting to put my creative brain back into gear and thinking of other fun things I can do to make my cakes fun but if you have any ideas or challenges you think I might like let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.



Until next time

Thanks for readin’


2 thoughts on “Trippple Choc!

  1. Looks delicious! I sometimes like to add a bit of food colouring to the white chocolate bit for adding some ‘pop’ to a cake. Just a tiny amount and not completely mixed so you get a sort of “marble” effect in the white decoration on top of the dark chocolate ganache.

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