Class of 2016

Hi everyone,

Well its another first today, my first graduation cake. I was asked to make the cake for the year 6 graduation dinner so of course I said yes. The only requirements were that it was chocolate cake and it had year 6 graduation 2016 written on it.

I was pretty happy with the end result from a distance but I knew it’s faults up close. Would anyone else notice? probably not, but I find it really hard to be a soft critique. Don’t get me wrong I don’t beat myself up anywhere near as much these days as when I first started but I do expect a level of achievement and wont be happy till I’ve reached it.

Initially I had some ideas for this cake that in the end didn’t end up on the cake but it was fun trying them out. The plan was that the cake would be my super moist chocolate cake filled and covered in caramel buttercream. A reverse shell boarder on the top with gelatin bubbles in the top left corner and a stencil of the school logo on the bottom right with the text centred in the middle. A great plan BUT!

The things that didn’t make the cake were the reversed shell boarder.


I stole this picture from Wilton so you know what I’m talking about (I just could’t make it look pretty on a piece of paper so how could I on the cake, more practice I guess).

The other item on the chopping block was the gelatin bubbles, not because they didn’t work but that there wasn’t enough room. They are cool and super easy to make, when I get to put some on a cake I’ll tell you all about them.


Thanks to my day job I have access to a machine that I can cut templates with, so I was able to cut the school logo. It was a bit bigger than I thought but looking back at it now the logo was 3″ tall that’s 1/3 of the cake, ahhg! Why are these things so much clearer after the event!

So the redesign was the logo as the centre piece with the text around it and a simple shell boarder. No where near as glamorous as I was hoping for but a clean presentable cake all the same.

Laying my template over the cake I dusted cocoa powder over it using a fine sieve. Then carefully lifted it off to make sure none of the excess fell onto the cake.


As you can see a few got away but nothing major. Next was the writing, this was the part I feared the most. Earlier in the year I’d written that I wanted to work on writing on cakes and it seems it has taken all year for me to start to work on it.  A few days earlier I’d got out some old buttercream I had in the fridge and started to practice. I tried printed letters, cursive letters, numbers and different boarders. Some attempts were ok, others were great but mostly they were awful. In the end I don’t think it looks too bad, the numbers are still atrocious ( different sizes and funny shapes) and the pull away’s are really obvious but I nailed the spacing and all the letters are there ( Don’t laugh there are pages devoted to cake fails because of incorrect spelling).



By this time the poor old cake was starting to suffer in my 30+ degree kitchen. You can see the buttercream softening at the bottom of the cake. So it was back into the fridge while I darkened the icing for the boarder.


I piped the top boarder before moving the cake onto the proper cake board then finished it off with the bottom boarder. Then the cake was done.


This is a photo of the kids cutting the cake that I borrowed from their facebook page I hope they don’t mind. Speaking with someone who admitted to having more than one piece of cake, it was delicious!

Well that’s probably me done for the year I have my 40th birthday cake to make for my party on New Years Eve but other than that all the cakes are made. I did try some Taai Taai ( a traditional Dutch biscuit for this time of year). I might make again before Christmas but we’ll see how we go.

If I don’t post again before Christmas I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family, stay safe and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and journeying along with me, It’s been a blast. See you in the New Year!!

Thanks for Readin’


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