I ain’t no van Gogh

Hi everyone,

I have tried a new decorating style today. I was on Pinterest  looking for some inspiration for my 40th birthday cake (which I still haven’t settled on ) and saw a sunflower cake which I thought I’d try. By the way if you have any ideas for my birthday cake let me know in the comments below. I have narrowed the flavour down to two choices but even that is still up in the air. One thing about making cakes for other people is that they have to make those decisions but it’s really hard when it’s your own. Anyway I was inspired to try making a sunflower cake, the fact that we are on the tail end of spring and all the flowers are out it seemed fitting.


It was one of our friends birthdays so I asked her what flavour she would like this month’s cake to be and she was quick to say chocolate or something like the beesting I did with the pastry cream, so chocolate it was. I wanted to use a few different elements and try out one of the new tips. I had some green fondant lying around that needed using and even though we aren’t friends I decided that I would work with it like I knew what I was doing and it seemed to work. It was a little dry but rolled out pretty well and draped without tearing which is a first for me. I did manage to hack the sides with the pizza cutter when I was trimming so that was a fail but I bet no one noticed after it was eaten.


Next I wanted to get the seed area defined so using my biggest cookie cutter I just indented the fondant and made up some chocolate buttercream and piped a little mound to give it some shape.

sunflower cake

The petals are made with a Wilton #366 large leaf tip. This is the first time I’ve used one and I made sure I watched a few you-tube videos to get an idea. Starting from the outside I worked my way into the middle trying to offset each row a little.


The only thing I would do differently next time would be to lay the petals over a little so they pointed out and not straight up but it still looked effective. The last step was to add the sunflower seeds which were just choc chips into the middle and then it was done.


I think it came out pretty good and while it is no van Gogh it does look a bit like a sunflower. The cake was a hit and they loved the chocolate cake underneath which I think is more important to them than what it looks like on the outside but it’s the outside that makes it fun for me so it’s win win.

sunflower cake

I’m not sure If I have another school cake left this year as Christmas is coming faster than the international space station orbits the earth. I do have a graduation cake to make in a couple of weeks so that will be up soon after that. It should be interesting, I need to pipe text onto that one but I also have a few little surprises for it too, so should be fun.

Till then,

Thanks for Readin’


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