Spring has Sprung!

Hi Everyone,

How glorious is this spring weather we are having here in the merry old land of OZ! and what better way to celebrate it than with a petal cake. Bright and vibrant just like the spring flowers.

I was encouraged to try this cake by one of my wife’s friends and being someone who likes a challenge I thought why not. I was thinking of making it a rainbow cake inside too but seeings how I’m actually in the middle of baking 9 layers for a wedding cake any extra time needed to be directed to that. Maybe I can try that next time.

So the first job was to fill and crumb coat then colour the rest of the buttercream into 4 colours.  I then marked out where the different colours would go both on the top and up the side.


Starting with the sides I piped the 4 different colours in the order they would be on the top.


Then smoothed them out so it was nice and even. The trick to getting reasonably clean lines without too much mixing of the colours is to smooth a little bit at a time, then clean off the scrapper, do a little bit more, clean the scrapper until you are all the way around. Then lightly go all the way around in one go to smooth out your start stop lines.


On to the top. I marked roughly where each colour would be so that it was evenly spaced. The fact that I used an 8″ cake and 4 colours made it easy to work out, I took a 2″ and 4″ cookie cutter to mark the inner rings and with the back of a knife marked the last ring freehand. Working from the middle with the yellow I started to form the center of the flower. The technique while looks really impressive is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. One YouTube tutorial I watched the lady referred to it as a depressed rainbow because of the flat arch shape you make.


If your interested, the piping tip I used is called a petal tip. Many suggest using a Wilton #104 but I only have a #102 (same just smaller).It kind of looks a bit like a tear drop with a fat end and a skinny end. To make the “depressed rainbows” you pipe with the fat end facing down.  Now, if your not interested just skip the bit you’ve just read!


Finally the purple. Obviously the further out you go the longer the strokes get but the effect is really cool.It kinda reminds me of Van Gough’s Starry Night, which is cool cause I like that painting.


The last thing I did was put one continuous ring around the outside but of course I forgot the photo of that. It just pretties up the top edge of the cake. Still looks good without it don’t you think?


Well that was lots of fun! The bright colours just scream spring! There is something rewarding about trying a new technique and getting a result that you can be proud of. If anyone has anything  you would like to see me try why not add it to the comments below or tag me on facebook. I’m always keen to try something new and who knows it might be the next thing I have a crack at.

Well it’s back to the wedding cake for me! Join in next time when you read me say! “Congratulations to Mr and Mrs …” . Until next time.

Thanks for Readin’



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