It’s a Girl !!

Hi all!

I said I was going to get back on track with more regular post so here it is. Only not as quick as I would have liked.

Today I have a cake I made for last months staff cake. I would have loved to make a reveal cake for one of the staff who was about to have a baby but she didn’t know what she was having. As it turns out she was busy off having a baby girl the day the cake went in ( so she missed out). Which is a real pity because she is a dedicated supporter of all my cakes. So much so she is willing to come into work on cake day while she’s on maternity leave! How’s that for dedication !

I had some spare ingredient that I didn’t use from the Forty and Fabulous cake so I decided to  make a velvet cake. Because I didn’t know what she was having I made one layer Pink and the other Blue.


I have learnt from past experience you leave out the cocoa powder if it’s not red. As a result I got two great colours. I covered it in cream cheese icing and finished it off with a top boarder. The cake turned out really good and even though “mum to be” wasn’t there the cake was appreciated by all who were. But really who doesn’t like a velvet cake with cream cheese icing !!

Sorry for the lack of photo’s but it was one of those cakes where I was so engrossed in the moment I forgot to take photos, I didn’t even get one after it was finished. Thankfully I was sent  one from after it was cut so you can see it from the inside.



I have a bit of inspiration going at the moment and reinvigorated to make some other sweets and stuff so I look forward to adding those shortly. A quick shout out of thanks to Kiersten for your words of encouragement as well as those of you who follow me and comment on Facebook too, it’s great to get feedback and nice to know others are enjoying the journey with me.

Till the next time

Thanks for Readin’


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