Plain on the outside, Party in the Middle!

Hi guys,

Today’s cake is a rehash of the funfetti cake from last year only this time better! Though it was a little light on the sprinkles it was definitely a better result. If your a regular reader you might remember this.


While it wasn’t a complete failure the cheap sprinkles don’t pack a lot of punch for a funfetti cake so I hunted down something a little more substantial – Jimmy’s. These work so much better. So my idea for this cake was to have a very plain frosting and a big surprise of colour on the inside “plain on the outside, Party in the Middle!!”.

In the end I didn’t use enough of the  jimmy’s but i’m moving forward from the failure that was the last attempt of a funfetti cake. The initial bake looked good so I was pretty happy, I’d fixed the issue of the colour in the cake now I just need more of it.


The next step was to build it, I wanted the inside to scream colour when it was cut open but the outside had to give no secrets away. I piped a big boarder of plain icing on the outside so the colours didn’t leak out and got to work colouring the rest.


I’m really loving the vibrant colours you get from the gel pastes and you really don’t need a lot, especially in buttercream. I did have one little mishap though and if you look really closely at the pink ( you may have to click the photo to see the enlarged view) there is a dark pink boarder between it and the orange. After piping it onto the cake I ate what was left in the bowl on the way to the sink and you know that taste you get when you put a pen in your mouth that has leaked? That is the taste you get when you add too much pink to your buttercream! YUK!!  So I quickly scrapped as much as I could off and started again. This just proves 2 things, 1: a little goes a long way and 2: you should taste as you go and enjoy the leftovers.

Once I’d finished the inside it was on to the outside. I mostly make round cakes but had decided to go with a square cake this time and I tell you what I really like round cakes! It wasn’t till a few days after that I saw a tutorial on how to get crisp corners. I fought with them for far too long trying to get them to look good but the beauty is now that I know a better way it should be heaps quicker and less stressful.


The request was that the cake was for the people who had had birthdays in January. I think the order for this year is a cake for all the birthdays that month and not each birthday which is cool, I still have to work out those finer details. I have a few things I want to work on this year and a few different ideas for cakes to make. One challenge I have set myself is to be able to write on the cakes, so I started with this one. I’m not very neat with a pen so I was a bit worried about a piping bag but after about 5 attempts on a piece of baking paper I think I did okay. It will come down to practice and if I keep at it I’m sure I’ll get better and hopefully confident enough to put more than 3 letters across an 8″ cake.


Once the cake is cut into slices, the icing really does make an impact and with a few more jimmy’s in the mix I think I may have created a really cool funfetti cake.


Well that’s a wrap for this cake, to anyone that had a birthday in January I hope you had a FUNfetti day and a Belated Happy Birthday from Adephagia Cakes. Until the next time.

Thanks for Readin’



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