Spectacular Speculaas

I started writing this post about 2 months ago and with all the Christmas madness and the engagement cake it got pushed to the back burner but it’s time to get the ball rolling again.

Today’s post is about a crispy spiced biscuit traditionally made on the eve of the feast of St Nicolaas. Which is way back at the beginning of December.  These Speculaas biscuits are more commonly known as dutch windmill biscuit to a lot of people because that’s how you buy them in the shops. Maybe it’s the dutch blood that pumps through my veins that drives my love of these delicious  biscuits or just that wonderful mix of spices or Both. I found the recipe online at the blog Eat the Love. The flavours and result are perfect and are so good you just cant stop eating them. To be honest over Christmas I made 3 or 4 batches and if you got to try one you were pretty lucky because between the 3 of us at home they didn’t last long.

They are a really simple biscuit to make but they do use a lot of ingredients especially spices, though I did manage to have everything in the cupboard. Depending on how true to your dutch heritage you are you might have a speculaas mould or as in the other blog post he used a  springerle rolling pin which is a wooden rolling pin with carvings in it that rolls the cookie design but for me I had to roll out the cookie dough and emboss a snowflake on them.

To make them start by adding cold butter, sugar, brown sugar, bi-carb soda and all the spices into the bowl of the mixer.


Next cream the ingredients together forming a paste, then add the eggs and vanilla.



Lastly add in the flour and mix till it’s combined forming a dough.


Once its all combined roll the dough out until it’s about 1/4″ (6mm) thick. To make it easier, roll it out on baking paper in batches that will fit on your cookie trays.  I make about 3 trays out of one batch if I don’t eat too much in the process.




Trim the edges and cut the biscuit shapes, then if your using a pattern on your biscuit press it into the cookie dough. I have a snow flake that came in a set of fondant cutters I bought. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to harden then put in the oven at 190C (375F) for about 10 minutes.


If you’re lazy like me  you will need to run the knife across your cuts to separate the biscuits after they have been cooked but allow them to cool on the tray for 5 min before you do. The aroma through the kitchen is amazing and all you want to do is eat and eat and eat these till there all gone. They really are that good! But don’t take my word for it try it yourself.  The link to “Eat the Love” above goes straight to the recipe. Let me know what you think. My dutch heritage make me biased but I think these are a real winner.


I remembered to take a photo of the cooked biscuit just before I ate the last one that’s why it’s all alone but I get about 60 biscuits out of a batch.

I’m back on the cake train so you should see another creation in the not too distant future, till then.

Thanks for Readin’

P.S Happy Birthday Mrs R.


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