Love is in the Air !

Today brings another first. I was absolutely privileged to be asked a few month ago to make the engagement cake for our wonderful friends. Of course after the resent success of my sisters engagement cake I had to say yes. This time I had a brief, well kind of anyway or maybe the brief was solid all the time but there were lots of ideas floated until about a week before the party when I got a solid yep this is what we want.

The cake design is based off a cake the bride-to-be had seen on Pinterest of a boy holding a bunch of heart balloons leaning in to kiss the girl. They wanted the cake to be either chocolate or caramel so I decided to make a chocolate mud cake with a caramel buttercream filling and fondant icing.

The cake needed to be for 50 – 60 people and fit the design, so I went with a double layer 11″ x 15″sheet cake. I needed to use one and a half times my normal mud cake recipe per layer to get a good height (about one and a half inches once it was trimmed up). Each layer took about 90 minutes to cook and I was really happy with the way they turned out.

I leveled off the cakes and stacked them to trim the edges so both cakes were exactly the same size.

Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

The caramel buttercream was made with my standard recipe except I reduced the butter to add caramel. In the end this did make it a little softer than normal and I probably (in hindsight) should have just added the caramel to the original buttercream recipe. Next I filled and crumb coated it ready for the fondant.

Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

As everybody walked into the party they had to place a fingerprint onto a canvas with different colour inks as a memento of the event.

Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

To tie the cake and the canvas together I made the little heart balloons the same colours as the inks and used the same boy and girl silhouettes.
Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

I had heaps of fun seeing the coloured fondant come together. I made them by gel colours and working them into the white fondant. Not really being sure how many hearts I’d need I made heaps!! Well to be honest my beautiful wife spent a few hours cutting them out for me while I cut the silhouettes out.

Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

The next monumental task was to roll out the white fondant to cover the cake. I went and bought some vinyl sheet to help with the job because I needed to roll it into one piece that was a minimum of 23″ x 19″ (585mm x 485mm). Even after kneading the fondant warm it was a big job to get it rolled out and my arms were burning by the end.

Being that this is the first cake I’ve ever iced with fondant I stopped and re-watched a heap of “how to fondant a cake” YouTube videos till I thought I knew what I was doing. I then moved the cake onto the cake board took a deep breath and with the help of my lovely assistant again we laid the fondant out over the cake. Then slowly worked down the sides trying to keep everything smooth and bubble free. The end result was pretty good I thought.

Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

I did end up with one very small tear in the corner but again thanks to YouTube I fixed it in a jiffy. Then it was onto placing the silhouettes and the balloons. To glue them in place we lightly dampened the area with some water and stuck them on. Then to finish it off I added a black satin ribbon boarder to the bottom.


Fondant Engagement Cake Heart Balloons

I am personally really proud of the result. It was so well received and just what they wanted. I was lucky enough to be at the party and had lots of great complement about not only how beautiful it looked but how great it tasted too. A couple of guys made a point to come and see me and say they don’t normally eat cake but had actually gone up for a second piece. So I’m adding this one to the winners list and ticking another first off the list of things to try.

Well I hope you enjoyed the journey! It was a little stressful at times (well for me anyway) but it was fun and I’d do it again any day!

Thanks for Readin’


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