Put your Heart into it!

Hi everyone

Well today’s post is the last of the school cakes for the year, in the great words of Alice Cooper  “Schools out for Summer!” While I didn’t get through the long list of cakes I wanted to try, I think over all, the year has been a huge learning curve, exciting adventure and a massive success. I have pushed myself to learn new techniques, refine my eye for detail and accept the flaws, faults and failures that have happened along the way.

This isn’t the last post for the year but it is a good point to sit back and reflect how far I’ve come.  Overall I made 21 cakes for the staffroom this year, some healthy, most not but all of them I hope brought as much joy to the recipient as it did to me to make them.

At the beginning of my blogging journey I created a virtual presence that included a logo, a name and what this journey represents . Who would have thought that Adephagia Cakes would grow into Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and maybe some day a website too. I know I don’t have a huge following and that’s not the objective, sure I love the exposure and love the fact that people all over the world are seeing and enjoying what I do. The actual doing part is the bit I love. I guess the reason I don’t have the greatest, most comprehensive, perfectly composed photos in my blog post are because I am enjoying the moment and forget to take them and it’s not till the finishing touches that I remember. That just proves that I give each of my cakes the fullest attention and put my heart and soul into them and I hope that is what the end results shows.

Which brings me back to the cake, the Adephagia Cakes logo is a three tiered heart shaped naked cake and it has been my intention since designing the logo to make the cake as well. Naked cakes are in a bit of a fad stage of late and this is one for the ranks. There is a trick to reducing the browning on the outside which I imagine would require turning the heat down and cooking for longer but this was my first attempt and the outside went a little brown.

The layers were made from my regular butter cake recipe and split into thirds. I only had 1 green food colouring  so there isn’t as much difference in the green layers compared to the logo but that just means I’ll have to make the cake again. I did add a little black into one to try and get it darker but didn’t make a huge difference and I didn’t want it to turn black by adding to much.

Mixing up my ever faithful buttercream I began the building process starting with the darkest layer first.

Adephagia Heart Cake

Then a layer of buttercream just on the top before adding the second layer.

Adephagia Heart Cake

Repeating the the process for the last layer, the red cake.

Adephagia Heart Cake

Finally I piped around the outside of the buttercream to make sure that it extended out past the edges of the cake. Then using a pallet knife I just smoothed the edges.

Adephagia Heart Cake

And there you have it the Adephagia Cakes Logo in 3D. What do I think about it? well I see these on facebook all the time.

Adephagia Heart Cake

As I said earlier I will have to try it again with different greens and stop the outside browning so it looks better from the outside. The inside on the other hand looks awesome and I’m really happy with it.

Adephagia Heart Cake

I just noticed it could also pass as a Christmas cake too, just add a bit of peppermint essence in the buttercream.

As always thanks for being on this journey with me, I have a blast making the cakes and love the fact that I can document each creation. The fact that people take the time to read and encourage me in this passion of mine still amazes me but that encouragement challenges me to try new things and build on the skills I have already learnt.

Look out for the next couple of posts especially the engagement cake I did for some great friends that totally blew them away!  I have a couple of Christmas specials I want to make, hopefully a paleo pavalova (at the moment it’s a meringue)  and some dutch Speculaas biscuits which may include a Speculaas House.

Well congratulations! You’ve made it through the sentimental edition!

Thanks For Readin’


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