FUNtastic FUNfetti

Hi everyone!

Boy doesn’t it get busy this time of year? I’ve been flat out but not in the kitchen. My 8-1/2 year old son has wanted to be a Palaeontologist from about age 3, which is awesome because my wife and I both love dinosaurs too! I was told about MOOCs ( Massive Open Online Course) and when scrolling through all the courses they offer I came across one called Dino 101 from the University of Alberta. It was a 12 week course on Palaeobiology, learning about a range of topics related to dinosaurs and the environment in which they lived. It was fantastic, I learnt heaps and may finally know more than my son about the bigger world of dinosaurs. Which is great cause I can now share what I’ve learnt with him to continue his passion to becoming a famous dinosaur hunter. I’ve now signed up for a course on rocks and geology so we can learn where to look and find the next great dinosaur discovery.

But that has nothing to do with Cakes and other yummy desserts so lets focus here people!

Last weeks cake was something Fun! a Funfetti cake! I’ve been wanting to try one of these for awhile and I bit the bullet the other day and made one. The concept is pretty easy mix a cake batter, add a heap of sprinkles into the cake and bake! The sprinkles melt during the baking process and bleed the colour through the cake making little blobs of bright colours all through the cake.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it really is that easy if your using the right ingredients. No this isn’t a cake disaster story just another learning step on the path to CAKE GREATNESS!! Ok I don’t think I’ll ever make cake greatness but I will go as far as Cake Appreciation! This cake should be made on a white cake batter and good quality thick sprinkles or “jimmies” I’ve also seen them called. For those who don’t know the difference, a white cake only uses egg whites and leaves out the yellow from the yoke, though Australian butter is really yellow so you don’t get a white white cakes either.

Unfortunately I bought some cheap thin sprinkles and they really didn’t shine through like I thought they might.  As you can see from the close up below.

funfetti_cake_ closeup

It wasn’t bad I just thought it would be better.

I baked the cake as a deep single layer for something different and I needed to level it off as it was messy on top. That was ok because that meant I could see and taste the cake for a change.

funfetti_cake_ leveled

I iced with a plain buttercream and then fancied the top with a little boarder and some 100’s and 1000’s.

funfetti_cake_ finished

In the end the cake came up pretty well  despite the lack of strong colour for the funfetti.


That concludes the funfetti adventure for this week, over the next couple of weeks I hope to bring you a few more desserts in the way of Paleo meringue and Pavalova! just in time for summer. Until the next time!

Thanks for Readin’



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