Not just any old Jaffa Cake

This week has been back to kinda normal but the scary thing is how close we’re getting to Christmas again. WOW! How time flies.

The task this week was a jaffa cake but not just any old jaffa cake its a marble jaffa cake. The idea came about a few months back when I was looking for a paleo cake idea. Earlier in the year I made the Lemon Cake which was a hit and I was thinking what else was paleo and but a little different. Well I searched high and low for orange essence in 2 different towns do you think I could find it? I ended up having to make a paleo chocolate cake instead. “C’est la vie” as they say but I still wanted to do a jaffa cake paleo or not.

Well while on a shopping trip to Coffs Harbour the other day, we stopped in to spotlight for some fondant that was on special that I need for an upcoming engagement cake and what should be in the aisle but heaps of different flavours including orange. YAY!!

So I set to work on my faithful butter cake recipe. Once the batter was mixed I divided it in half. In one I added a few drops of orange food colour and a teaspoon of the orange essence. I mixed it together for a rich orangey batter, I wasn’t sure if I’d used enough or too much of the orange essence because I’d spilt a bit on my fingers and all I could smell was oranges. In the other half of the batter I added 2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder. I plopped them randomly into the two cake tins, gave them a bit of a swizzle and chucked them in the oven.

Here is the result!

Jaffa Cake

As you can see the Orange really came out which was what I was hoping for.

Jaffa Cake

I covered the cakes in a chocolate buttercream and tried to do a fancy design with my new cake comb but its going to take a bit to work it out plus the new 9″ cake tins I use only just fit in the cake box. I don’t have a lot of room to load up the sides with icing which is what you need to make those things work. After 3 dismal attempts I went back to basics, which still turned out good I think.

Jaffa Cake

The cake was meet with rave reviews and apparently as soon as the cake was cut the aroma of the orange burst through which is just what you want, an explosion on the senses, the smell of the orange the taste of the chocolate and the vibrant orange and brown swirling through the cake. I only wish I got to try it but that’s how it goes.

Jaffa Cake

Anyway that’s it for me today, until the next time Adios, Amoebas!

Thanks for Readin’


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