I DID IT! – my first Engagement Cake

Well I Did it! I made my first engagement cake. Talk about stressed! and boy did I procrastinate in the end. The cake was for my Sister and my soon to be Brother-in-law. There wasn’t really a brief for the cake only that my brother-in-law doesn’t really do chocolate cake and it needed to be for about 70 people. Ok well I could work with that, I have a few cakes in my repertoire now and it’s up to my artistic flare to create something kinda wonderful. Thankfully I have a wife with artistic flare to help me because I had no idea where to start.

This is by far the biggest cake I have ever made so I had to work out just how big it needed to be. My wife is always on Pinterest finding new crafty ideas and has told me for a longtime I should sign up, there are heaps of things I would like. Well I am now on pinterest with pins for cake decorating, camping ideas, photography tips and a range of other things. I found myself some charts relating to serving sizes and worked out with a 10″ and an 8″ I should have enough for about 70 people. I’d decided from the begining it would be a velvet cake just because the cream cheese icing that goes with it is SO GOOD! To combat the no chocolate I just changed out the coco for flour. The colour that they had in mind was turquoise but I could only managed to get hold of some teal food colour, so that was as close as I was going to get. This is how it looked out of the oven.

Engagement Cake

I ended up baking two 10″ layers and two 8″ layers. I wasn’t happy with one of the 8″ layers so I ended up baking another one early on party day. You know? Just to add a little more pressure to the situation. When it was time to start assembling was probably the time I started pacing the hallway and wanting to sit in the corner rocking backwards and forwards but being the professional I’m not! I got to work. I crumb coated the 8″ layer and the 10″ layer separately  then using dowels cut to height I placed the cakes together. Originally I was just going to leave the icing plain and create a texture through it but when it came time we decided it needed some colour and my sister had mentioned doing the cake after the Ombre roses cake I did. So we decided to give it an Ombre effect.

Engagement Cake

I mixed up the colours and got to work. I marked roughly where the colours would change and working with the darkest colour first, I started up the cake.

Engagement Cake

Being a scorching October day in the high twenties, the cake was in and out of the fridge in between layers just to keep firm. Eventually we made it to the top. I still have a way to go to getting the Ombre right because in the bowls it looked like there was a definite difference in colours but on the cake you couldn’t really tell which was a little disappointing.

Engagement Cake

The next job was to pack it in the car and head to the party. I was given the job of cake holder for the 50 minute drive because if it fell over my wife didn’t want that on her head, which is fair enough. The good news is that despite all the current roadworks and poor state of the road we made it in one piece. All we needed to do was add the cake topper and fix up a few marks and it was done.

Engagement Cake

Earlier I mentioned my wife’s artistic flare,  well she made this awesome cake topper,  here take a closer look.

Engagement Cake

She worked the wire and though it’s hard to tell, the tops of the letters have little hearts that the string runs through and anchors them into place. (If you click on the image it is clearer to see).

By the collection of empty beer, wine and champagne bottles the next morning it would be pretty safe to say that everyone had a great time. I didn’t really get any feed back on the cake but from what I remember the piece I had was pretty good and there wasn’t too much of it left over which was great.

Engagement Cake

Sure I could have picked it to pieces on what was wrong with it but these are things you learn from along he way. It was my first go at an engagement cake and at a cake this big. I now have that under my belt and can look forward to the challenges of the next one! in Fondant!!

Despite all the stress I must say a big thank you to my sister and her fiance for letting me make the cake and a bigger thank you to my wife who not only did an awesome job on the topper but reminded me to breath when I let things get on top of me.

Until the next adventure

Thanks for Readin’


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