Where has that time GONE!

Hi Everyone!

Well its been awhile since I’ve shown my face around these parts but  life just seems to get in the way sometimes and trust me I don’t have much of one so I’ve gotta take the bull by the horns when the opportunity arises. I’m back today with another quick cake decoration, but I’m working on a paleo sticky date pudding which I hope to do this week so keep an eye out.

So like I said things have been a little hectic over the last few weeks. I had a quick trip to Sydney for my brother-in-laws engagement party. It was a great night and they had these fantastic cupcakes.

american cupcakes

Being that his fiance is American and he’s Australian they made burgers and meat pie cupcakes, they did an awesome job and they tasted good too. Love seems to be in the air because my Sister has also got herself engaged ! I have been commissioned to make the cake so scary times ahead, this will be my first engagement cake AND they have also given me free reign on what type and what it looks like. Gulp!

So, today’s cake is just starting with a standard butter cake. I got a couple of new 9″ tins so that I had a pair that are the same size which is great, though now they only just fit in my cake box.

A quick note when you get new tins keep an eye on the clock cause they will cook a little differently. I found this out the hard way, thankfully not too hard. These new pans are a fraction bigger than what I have been using so cooking time is a little less but also the steel is different and that’s what caught me out. The edge on one of the cakes was very dark but with a quick bit of knife work you’d never tell. I dont think by looking at the pictures after the cake was cut that it was too dry but definately another thing to add to the list of things I’ve learned.

I didn’t start icing the cake till about 9 pm, we are in the middle of a springtime heatwave, the house was still over 30C or 86F and I didn’t want to fight with melting icing. The only problem with that is I didn’t realise I was short on icing sugar and at that time there was no running to the shops for more so I had to make the most of what I had. Which is good because it made me have to think a little more creatively. I got the base coat down and I have to say that I can see a marked improvement in my skills of smoothing out the icing.

mauve butter cake

Still not perfect but loads better and I was working in some hot conditions too. Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. If you do find yourself in a situation where your icing is having a hard time standing up to the heat remember the fridge is your friend. Chuck it in there for 5 or 10 mins to firm up and doesn’t hurt to freeze the cake before you start too.

One of my next cake decorating tool purchases will be a cake comb so I can make cool patterns on the side of the cake but in the meantime I used a fork. It worked alright but with the lack of icing and the multiple runs around the cake it’s a bit wobbly but adds something to the cake all the same.

mauve butter cake

Running low on icing I started with little florets on the top working opposite sides until I knew I had enough to make it all the way around, thankfully I did and in the end it didn’t turn out too bad!

mauve butter cake

Here is the view from inside.

mauve butter cake

And this is whats left after one sitting so I’m guessing it tasted alright too!

mauve butter cake

That raps up another edition from Adephagia Cakes, keep an eye out for my sticky date pudding and the big engagement cake in the coming weeks!

As always,

Thanks for Readin’


4 thoughts on “Where has that time GONE!

  1. Hi Mr Cake Fairy,

    Do you have a Œlike’ button? I want to press Œlike¹ whenever I read your blogs:) I really thought this cake looked pretty:)


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