Dairy Free Oreo Cookie Cake – until I added the Icing


I’ve got a few cakes done over the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had a chance to put up on the blog so I’ll throw them up in a catch up post today. The first one is an almost dairy free cake made to look like Oreo cookies.

Well they were Dairy free till I added the icing which is full of butter. Oops! my bad. Still not 100% sold on using coconut oil instead of butter but I guess I need to try it before I give up on it, but to be honest I didn’t even give it a thought. Luckily the cake was not made for someone dairy intolerant. The cake mix was actually made as muffins for my mother-in-law to take to an afternoon tea. She has recently ventured into the world of dairy free and we wanted to show her there were still options available to her. To use up the left over batter we used some little 4″ spring form pans we have, turns out that batter was like the loaves and fishes! (not sure if I should be looking out for bolts of lightning  making  this kind of reference) But I ended up with enough batter to make four of these mini cakes.

I really struggled with this cake because I really had no inspiration with what to do with them, I was originally going to try a traditional sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries, but being that I had 4 cakes to do something with I needed a new plan. I really feel into a creative slump, it wasn’t like I could just throw some icing on one and send it in, they’re tiny and if I layered them all together we’d have a leaning tower of disaster on our hands. The depth of brown kept making me think of Oreo cookies and by making 4 of them, they would look like Oreo cookies.

So here is what I did.

To get the clean square-ish edges I trimmed the tops to make them flat.

Dairy free Oreo cookie cake

Then I cut them in half and filled them with icing.

Dairy free Oreo cookie cake

When I put them together I made sure that the top was on the bottom and the bottom was on the top. Much better presentation.

Dairy free Oreo cookie cake

And there you have it, an almost dairy free Oreo Cookie Cake.

The cake itself is really moist and more of a bitter chocolate flavor as you would expect from such a rich brown colour. The vanilla buttercream filling adds just the right amount of sweetness without making it sickly sweet. As always they were very appreciative of the kind gesture.

Dairy free Oreo cookie cake

The next couple of cakes were just some fun marble cakes for the school fete. My son helped me with the 100’s and 1000’s but really there were millions and billions!

sprinkle cake marble cake

And finally after the huge success of the Red Velvet Cake a few months ago I thought I’d have a crack at an Orange Velvet Cake. The Birthday Girls favorite colour is Orange (so is mine by the way!! – must be my Dutch heritage coming out).

Anyway everything was going swimmingly I’d got all the ingredients out on the bench, opened my cake folder at the velvet cake page. This may sound like the way you are suppose to make a cake but for me it is way out of character, usually I’m running back and forth from the cupboard getting things I forgot then leaving them out all over the bench in a chaotic mess! I am working on this as I am fully aware this is one of my baking faults.

I can feel A But coming here!

Most cakes require you to combine all the dry ingredients together then combine all the wet ingredients together then mix them both together. So I started down the ingredients list adding all the dry ingredients together.

Here it is !!

BUT, then I looked at the instructions that said to put the the sugar with the vinegar and food colour. OH MAN, so unsure of the impact this would have, though I didn’t think it would be major, I started again. I decided I’d make a batch of cupcakes after with the first lot to see how they turned out and she could share them with the class. That was the second mistake! If I’d have made the cupcakes first I would have realised that the coco powder turns the cake brown and results in loosing the vibrant orange I wanted the cake to be! (science lesson – in a red velvet the reaction between the vinegar and the coco turns the cake a reddish colour, commercialism has intensified this by adding the red food colour).

The lesson for next time is to take out the coco powder and use a chocolate essence to add the flavour so it will retain that vibrant colour. I was majorly bummed over this but I wasn’t making a third batch. You can see the cupcakes in the background of the photo below and while it’s not a great photo you can see just how brown they are.

Orange Velvet Cake

Thankfully I did get the bright orange sprinkles on top so that’s one good thing. The cake still tasted great and lived up to the red velvet expectation, the cream cheese icing was awesome it just didn’t have the visual effect I wanted. Maybe next time.

Not sure what the next installment might be as I have a couple of weeks off in the cake department, so I might look at the some more paleo type stuff like the summertime tart I want to try. Anyway keep an eye out and as always

Thanks for Readin’


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