Tantalising Tasters for Everyone to Try.

This Week was my beautiful Wife’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So in celebration I cooked up a storm of tasters to take to the staffroom. All Paleo, so they could see that we don’t miss out on the good things in life we just make them healthy (KIND-A).  So adorning this paleo platter is a paleo cheesecake, apricot log rolls, honeycomb, a no bake biscuit and the nut bar slice I posted last week.

Paleo dessert platter

Mini Paleo Cheesecake

The recipe I used for this was from Paleolland <kiwi and lemon cheese cake> I’ve made it a few times now. It’s important to get the cream with as little liquid as possible and really blitz it with the soaked cashews to get them really smooth and creamy, it just seems to melt in your mouth. I used hazelnuts in the base with the medjool  dates and cinnamon this time and they worked great.

So first I mixed up the base and made little discs to press into the cupcake liners. They take up about 1/4 of the liner.

Paleo Cheesecake

Then after blitzing the cheesecake ingredients I filled the liners and put it in the fridge to set. It needs a while (about 8 hours) so I left it overnight.

Paleo Cheesecake

Next day I peeled a kiwi fruit and cut it into thin slices, placing one on each cheesecake.


Paleo Cheesecake

Apricot Log Rolls

I told you the other week I’d been experimenting with these and to look out for this post; well here it is! These are SUPER,  SUPER  easy to make, taste great and are a way better option than the highly processed, sugar filled ones you by at the shops.

When I was brainstorming the idea I knew they would be pretty simple but I wasn’t sure how well everything would hold together and what sort of flavour I would get. So I experimented with the “binding agent” for lack of a better word.  I was thinking that to get the sweetness like I remember the store bought ones I would need to use honey or maple syrup and that would also help combine the Apricots and coconut together.  After the official taste testers (me and my wife) deliberated it was decided they were too sweet with the maple but were very close to the memories of the ones from the shops.  My wife suggested using coconut oil and that was the magic ingredient, the sweetness from the apricots was enough and just shows how tastes can change. By taking out the sweetener there was a bitterness / tartyness in them too that actually enhances the flavour.  A classic case of less is more!

Here’s how to make them

Apricot Log Rolls

First, chuck a cup of dried apricots, half a cup of Desiccated Coconut and a tablespoon of liquefied coconut oil into a food processor. Turn it on and let it go till it becomes like a crumbly dough. At this point grab some of the mix and squeeze it together to see if it will stick together. Depending on the moisture content of the apricots you may need to add a little more oil to bind everything together.

Apricot Log Rolls

Next grab a small handful and roll it out till it is about 10mm (3/8”) in diameter. Continue doing this till you have rolled all the mix. It doesn’t matter if they are all different lengths we’ll trim them up at the end.

Apricot Log Rolls

Once they are all rolled out into long logs grab a shallow tin or plate. Place the extra coconut in the tin and roll the logs in it to coat the outside.

Apricot Log Rolls

Now line all the logs up in a row and taking a large sharp knife cut the logs down into about 40mm (1-1/2”) lengths.

Apricot Log Rolls

By cutting them after they are rolled in coconut it leaves the bright orange centre exposed adding to its presentation.

Apricot Log Rolls

Here is a link to the recipe – Apricot Log Rolls

Nut Bar Slice

This is the Nut Bar Slice from last weeks post, super yummy and always a winner!

Paleo Nut Bar Slice

Paleo Honeycomb

I didn’t realise just how often we go to parties and nights out till I started making this. When I posted “To Boldly Go!” it was meant to be “just on a rare occasion” treat but I’ve been making this a bit lately. Not to worry it’s another hit!

paleo honeycomb

Paleo No Bake Biscuits

This is another recipe my wife found online for me from Sweet Treats by Shayna. It reminds us of the chocolate peanut butter spiders we used to have at birthday parties usually accompanied with chocolate crackles. They’re not quite the same but they are still de-lish! It uses coconut flakes, pecans, almond butter, cinnamon, honey, olive oil and chocolate. Melt the almond butter, honey, oil and chocolate together and then pour in the coconut, cinnamon and nuts. Mix it all together and scoop out a spoonful onto a lined tray and stick it in the fridge to set. Really easy one pot wonder and YUMM!!Paleo Dessert Platter

And that’s it. A nice little platter of tasters for non- paleo people to see that we don’t miss out; we do it better!

Thanks for readin’


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