The Weekend Breakfast of Kings!!

Paleo Breakfast Stack

paleo breakfast stack

These stacks are super easy to make, they’re light, filling and bursting with flavour and texture and best of all good for you. These are an awesome café style weekend breakfast but can make a great lunch or dinner too. Why not give it a go this weekend!

Away from the cakes and sweets and treats, I’m the fittest, healthiest and lightest I’ve been in 20 years. Thanks to paleo I’ve lost the last 10kg that I couldn’t move and exercising in ways the doctors told me I couldn’t. I’m off cholesterol tablets and I’m adventuring into a new world of flavours.

This recipe evolved out of a recipe my wife found online that had bacon and balsamic vinegar on half an avocado which sounds yum but not when you can have one of my stacks. All the ingredients were in the house and it all just seemed to come together with a few little tweaks along the way.

The beauty with these stacks is that it’s up to your imagination, tastes and what you have lying around. My stacks are spinach, avocado, garlic mushrooms, bacon and a poached egg.

Preparing the Elements

There is no right or wrong order to prepare the elements in this dish except if you want your bacon and eggs warm, cook them last.  Also I have no idea how much of each ingredient to use; when I make it, it’s for 3 but it also depends on what’s lying around and what needs to be eaten. So I’ll give you a rough idea but scale it to how many you’re making it for.

Starting with the spinach, wash and chop.  I chop about 4 large leaves into about 1cm strips and then cross cut them so they are a manageable size. Chuck them into a freezer bag and wilt them in the microwave or if you prefer in a pot of boiling water (you can use this for your poached eggs later.)

Peel the mushrooms and cut them into chunks; I use about 4 tennis ball size or more if they’re smaller or need eating. In a pot over a medium heat add some olive oil and fresh minced garlic (go your hardest with the garlic if you like it) I tend to use 4 large cloves. Add the mushrooms and allow them to cook down stirring frequently to incorporate the garlic.

Cut and deseed the avocado, scoop it out into a bowl and mash it with a fork or if you wish you can cut it into slices and fan them out over the spinach. What ever gets your “masterchef” going! We use 1 avocado but depends on supply, some times more.

Fry up some bacon to your desired level of cookedness.  I tend to go more to the crispy side to give the dish some crunch (I also tend to get distracted which helps). 1 – 2 rashes each

Finally poaching the egg, there are several ways you can do this (youtube it) true chefs crack an egg into a pot of water at a rolling boil thus the roundness of a poached egg at a fancy joint. I use a deep skillet frying pan filled with water and crack the eggs into egg rings. You want to cook these just till the whites are cook and the yokes are still runny. If you like runny eggs that is; Otherwise you can boil the bergeebers out of them till they’re hard as a rock. But you won’t get the golden sauce drizzle over the stack as you plunge your fork into it!

Stacking the Stack

Lets put this baby together!

Spinach is the first item on the plate; I try to make a circular type shape a little bigger than an egg ring which allows of a good base for the other elements.

Paleo Breakfast Stack

Next is the avocado. Again you could use mashed, sliced or even cubed; it is entirely up to you and your presentation. Avo is a superfood and it’s in the dish and that’s the main thing. Keep this layer about the same size as the spinach layer.

Paleo Breakfast Stack

On top of the Avo goes the garlic mushrooms. Depending on how big you cut them and how much they’ve cooked down as to how well they sit on the stack but don’t worry if some roll off (it adds to the presentation!)

Paleo Breakfast Stack

Now comes the Bacon, I cut these into rough chunks and depending on how crispy you made it you can just break it up. Place them on top of the mushrooms and again if some pieces fall off don’t stress.

At this point I drizzle/ splash some balsamic vinegar over the top. Don’t drown it but don’t skimp on it either.

Paleo Breakfast Stack

Lastly place the crown on the top, the poached egg. Crack a little pepper on top to make it look fancy and there you have it! The perfect paleo meal for anytime of the day, it’s light and surprisingly filling and tastes amazing!!

Paleo Breakfast Stack

Don’t be limited by the ingredients I’ve used and don’t be afraid to experiment with others. My son’s not big on mushrooms yet so he has a couple of pieces or none at all, if there is something you don’t like replace it. You could use grilled eggplant, roasted capsicum, pumpkin, caramelized onions or even fry off the onions till there crispy in the bacon fat. Take the meat off and go vego if your that way inclined, the options are endless; the main thing is that it didn’t come out of a cardboard box or a packet and its fresh and full of nutrients.

Give it a go and post your results in the comments below or other versions you’ve made  for others to try.

Thanks for Readin’


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