To Boldly Go!


Paleo Honeycomb (Indulgence not a cupboard staple)

We are hosting a farewell dinner for friends who are moving away. Granted it’s only 40 mins away, So not really a farewell but it was an excuse to get together for a meal so we ran with it!

I’ve been researching to see if there is anyone else willing to test the limits of what is and isn’t paleo, it seems I may be the first to put the word paleo in front of honeycomb.

I’m sure this is perfectly wrong for anyone Paleo, and Paleo purists are shaking there head thinking I’m another nut job just wanting to use the buzz word and put Paleo in front of everything, but I’m not. I’m just trying to create desserts that both Paleo and non-paleo people can enjoy so no one feels left out.

So is it or isn’t it?

I believe that with a very! VERY!! Broad mind it is. It uses Honey (which the regular honeycomb only uses in its name) , Maple Syrup, and Chocolate. Remembering that this is not a treat in the cupboard for a sweet craving, this is a ONE OFF INDULGENCE! And this is Adephagia Cakes – the home of PURE INDULGENCE!

So what is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb, hokey-pokey, cinder toffee, whatever you want to call it is a combination of chemical reactions that cause a wonder of delight in your mouth when you eat it. Not to be confused by the stuff bees make! which you can also eat and is way better for you! Basically  honeycomb is millions of tiny bubbles trapped inside crystallised sugar covered in chocolate.

I got the idea the other day when making ANZAC Biscuits (see my post “This is No Ordinary Biscuit”) where you boil Golden Syrup and Butter then add Bicarb Soda and it foams up.

Sounds like fun! How do you make it?


So to make honeycomb, you start by making a toffee which is where you cook sugar till it melts down to a liquid and begins to boil and caramelize (turns brown) and reaches a temp about 150C (300F). This is called hard crack in the candy world. In my version I use Honey and Maple Syrup, bring it to hard crack then you chuck in some Bicarb Soda and BANG! This thing foams better than a witch’s cauldron!


(PARENTAL WARNING! – if your making this with the kids be very careful with this step, sugar burns!)

Whisk it around so it distributes evenly and pour it out onto a tray to cool. You’ll need to work fast here otherwise you’ll have toffee with patches of honeycomb in it or if you over whisk it, it will deflate.


Once it’s cooled cut it/ break it up into chunks,  cover it in chocolate and let it set. Taste a few before putting them into an airtight container; It’s an important step in quality control plus you went to all that effort! reward yourself just remember to leave some for everyone else.


O-OH What went wrong?

Like I said at the beginning I haven’t seen anyone else post for honeycomb made with Honey and Maple Syrup, I’m happy to be proven wrong. There will always be learning curves and this was one of them. The issue I had is that my honeycomb absorbed moisture from the air and went sticky (I’m guessing this would have happened with regular honeycomb too).


Why? I generally do my cooking either on the weekends or at night after my son has gone to bed; so some things can take more than a night to make. If there hot they get covered and left to cool overnight. Being that I leave for work at 6 in the morning there is no time to finish things off then so it’s a case of store it till I can get to it. I  wrapped it in cling wrap but it was obviously too late, chucking it in the fridge did firm it back up somewhat but I think this is an all in one day recipe. Once the chocolate seals the comb it will be right but I just couldn’t get there in time.

It wasn’t a complete failure.


I’m proud to say that it wasn’t a total disaster; I was able to recover a few pieces and let my friends try them out. Some bits were a little bit chewy but being lovingly encased in chocolate made it all better and they were a resounding hit. As for the rest I’ve chucked it in the freezer and I’ll use it on top of a cake or ice cream or something, it wont go to waste. I might even try cutting it frozen and dipping in chocolate and see what happens; once it thaws it might dissolve but this is the fun of trying new things.

Thanks to the growing list of followers and everyone that likes my posts. Make sure you tell me what you think in the comments and feel free to share with your friends.

Thanks for Readin’

Paleo Honeycomb

paleo honeycomb
1/2 cup Honey
1/2 cup Maple Syrup
1/2 Tablespoon Bicarb Soda
Chocolate for coating (Paleo is Dark 70% or better)

  • Place the Honey and Maple Syrup in a pot and bring to the boil over a medium heat.
  • Allow it to boil till it reaches 150C (300F) or hard crack. (you can check Google for how to check hard crack)
  • Once at hard crack add the Bicarb Soda and whisk to distribute evenly.(PARENTAL WARNING! – if your making this with the kids be very careful with this step, sugar burns!)
  • Pour onto a tray and allow to cool and set.
  • Cut or break into pieces and cover in Chocolate.
  • Allow the Chocolate to set and store in an airtight container or just eat them there and then!


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