Today I Start to document my culinary adventures; but first let me tell you where it all started!

Long Ago in a galaxy far, far away! Well not quite that long ago but when I was still at school studying hospitality I found a love for the kitchen. Strangely enough I never became a chef, that was because I had dreams to be a physiotherapist; which didn’t happen either.

Part of my schooling required me to partake in work experience 1 day a week and this is where the magic happened. I would stroll into the best cake shop in town (The Swiss Cake Shop). Here is where I fell in love with the finer points of pastry and baking, and the stories of tom foolery in the resort kitchens of the Swiss Alps. While I was never involved in the artistry of cake decorating I did get to glaze the tarts, coat the rumballs and I was killer at rolling the puff! Unfortunately, the lovely couple who owned the patisserie were ready to retire and so were not willing to put me on as an apprentice, though they would have been willing too in different circumstances. There were other bakeries in town but no other patisseries which is where my love lie so the flame was extinguished and my dreams reset.


Now 20 years on the passion is back!! but in a different way. I’m loving being in the kitchen creating works of art (if you can call some of them that). I can’t remember exactly how it all started but my wife’s local extended family have a lunch once a month with her Nan who is just about to turn 90!! (GO NAN!) After lunch we go to her aunt and uncles house for a coffee and cake, we’d bring cakes for birthdays and anything else anyone wanted to make. Each month we (my wife mostly, I just make it) would scroll through the internet looking for new things to try and take to these lunches. Well good thing I never threw that candle out because the flame was rekindled and 20 years on there’s a lot more candles on that cake!

I love getting in the kitchen on the weekends now and making things old and new, trying new ideas, learning new techniques; seeing what works and what doesn’t. The internet is an amazing resource for ideas, how to’s and just about anything else. You tube clips from the pros are inspiring, educational and invaluable (I’ll Name drop later when I get to it).

I’ve now gone out of my way to find a reason to be in the kitchen by making birthday cakes for the staff room where my wife works. I am the “Cake Fairy” ! It’s a great way for me to try new recipes and ideas and techniques and they get to eat cake! So its win, win!!


One minor detail that has changed in recent times is that I’ve turned “Paleo” (voted one of the most dangerous/ worst diets of 2014, That’s why I’ve shed the 10kgs I couldn’t loose and I’m now off the cholesterol tablets I used to take ! but each to their own.) So for the most part I don’t eat processed sugar, grains or dairy. Now when you look at your basic cake, biscuit or slice recipe you will see all three. So there is an element of rule bending if I’m baking for someone else. I know, I know, I can make things with the off cuts and freeze the buttercream but sometimes you gotta taste the merchandise for yourself! On the flipside this has opened a whole new world of desserts to try and loving it!


So what’s it all about? Really I just want to document something I enjoy doing. I have no idea how popular this will become or if it will become at all, but at the end of the day I’m going to make stuff and show it to the world like it or not. Some will be trials (I’m not gunna pretty it up, theres gunna be failures and I’m not gunna hide them! how else do we learn), some will be triumphs and most will be somewhere in between; I’d like to think that at some point things will start to look better and this gives me something to look back on and see where it began. I do set the bar pretty high in my head so I’m quick to shoot down anything that doesn’t look how I wanted it too but it’s all part of the journey.


Ade-WHAT? I was daydreaming the other day, if I opened a patisserie what would I call it? Well I get called the cake fairy which is kinda cool because of the mysteriousness of who makes the cakes. (Most of them don’t know me) but kinda too girly for me as a shop name. So then I got all deep and meaningful about the essence of a patisserie. PURE INDULGENCE! There is nothing in there you need to survive, it is all about treats and celebrations and makes us happy !!

So I was on the hunt for a cool name that gave meaning to INDULGENCE. I thought of play on words and even liked simply “PURE INDULGENCE”.I enjoy researching historical things, I thought maybe some ancient god or goddess might make a good name. Having recently finished watching season 2 of Vikings I went to the Norse gods first. “ Lofn – Goddess of indulgence and forbidden love” it worked but not sure how to say it and work it into a name, so I kept looking. Celtic ? Nah, Roman? Nah, Mayan?, Incas?, Nothing! Greek? Well hang on a second, Adephagia ( Ad-eff-A-jah) – goddess of gluttony. I liked it, name sounds cool and the meaning? Well tell me Indulgence isn’t gluttony! So I had a name of this imaginary patisserie now a logo. Hmm ! scouring clipart and such I came across the love heart rose and with a little photoshop it was a 3 layer heart cake ! Perfect and so that is the logo you see at the top of the page, a name that sounds cool means indulgence (poetically) and an image that represents it all.

Th- Th- Th- Th- , THAT’S ALL FOLKS !

Well that’s how it begins, from now on its about the ups and downs of my culinary adventures. Thanks for reading to the end ! Hope you stick around, feel free to add a comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks for Readin’



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